Download Scanpst.exe Tool and Get Rid of PST Inaccessibility Problem

Outlook 2013 has gain  much of popularity among all users and it is because of there outstanding way of managing data and application. Microsoft Inc always use to introduce different where Outlook 2013 is new version introduce. It is much advance in comparison to their earlier version. Where it has become easy to make contacts with others easily. Other than all such features it is easier to manage data like contacts, journals , message, tasks , journals, calendar and other Inbox items. Even it is easier to manage sending and receiving mails using this application. Where all application of MS Outlook is stored in .PST file format (Personal File Format). But all such features, there arise situation where users come with different error message and after which it is not possible to access even single data of users. Although it is really irritating because all such lead to inaccessibility of data , which in turn hamper users. In order to get rid from such problem it is better to fix such problem as soon as possible. Scanpst.exe download is one inbuilt utility tool with the help of which it is better to resolve problem . If it does not work then suggested to make free download Scanpst.exe download Outlook 2013, so it helps to resolve Outlook 2013 issue and problem.

How to Use Scanpst.exe

There come situation that it is not possible to access any of data. Where for any organization email accessing and management is one of necessary function and even data, due to any reason of it become inaccessible then it really irritate and make situation worst. Were every version has inbuilt application called Scanpst.exe (Inbox repair tool) , which get automatically in system when install application for any time in system. If any circumstances if find that it is not working then download Scnapst.exe. In order to run this tool it required to locate tool. Where location of this inbuilt application vary in every different version of application.

Steps To Use Scanpst.exe
In order to make use of this application it is important for users to visit location. Ater visiting the location, follow below steps :


Outlook 2013
32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
64-bit Outlook: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
Office 365: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15

Step 1: After location Inbox repair tool , make double click on it in order to run such tool
Step 2: Locate for different Outlook data which is stored in .PST file format which is not accessible because of damage and corruption . It is easier to find by typing the details such as name , type etc
Step 3: When above both procedure when gets completed then start the scanning process in order to fix damage
Step 4: Make click on repair button to repair. The file which is damage and corrupted and possible to fix with such tool become possible with it.

Suggested to visit to specified location in order to run such inbuilt tool and solve Outlook problem. Again if user receiving error message when try to locate inbuilt application and it does  not exists at specified location then download Inbox repair tool which is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2013 version. Another very possible reasons for getting inaccessibility and error is damage and corruption in Outlook PST files. Any kind of problem cause problem in MS Outlook 2013 PST data. When Inbox repair tool fails to fix problem , in such situation it is better to use alternative of this tool.

Limitations of Scanpst.exe

Microsoft has provided this tool to fix MS Outlook damage and corruption when it is not severe. In case of severe damage and corruption , Scnapst.exe tool fails to fix problem because it not able to read level of error and fails to fix problem.

  • .PST is oversize
  • CRC error
  • Virus and malware infection

Common Scanpst.exe Errors

Many of times when try to send and receive mails message in Outlook 2013 get with certain error message . After this when try to run Scnapst.exe tool and try to fix problem get with different error message.

Scanpst.exe Error Message :

  • Scanpst.exe Fatal Error 80040818
  • Scanpst.exe Msmapi32dll Error Fix
  • canpst.exe Says File is Read Only
  • Scanpst.exe Fatal Error 80040818
  • Scanpst.exe Entry Point Not Found
  • Fix Scanpst.exe Fatal Error 80040900
  • Scnapt.exe tool not responding
  • .PST file which try to repair unrecognized file format

There are number of issue responsible to get with such error message and problem. Some of causes which responsible for users to get with such problem and issue are discussed.

Improper Installation : Most possible for getting with such error message, when Outlook application is not properly installed . Missing of files is responsible to get with such error message and problem.

Power Interruption: While working on application suddenly power gets off and PC gets turn , then improper close of application make application prone to damage and corruption.

Outlook 2013 application damage and corrupted : Another cause for getteing of this error message is when this application is corrupted and which cause none of tool to run and repair PST issue.

Sometimes it happens even after download Scanpst.exe does not work out. It is better to make use of another tool which helps to get rid from such problem.

Best Alternative to Scanpst.exe

Due to any reasons if MS Outlook 2013 does not work , really arise several problem for organization. It stops exchange of mails and reviving of PST data like contacts, journals , message. Where user run Scnapst.exe tool to fix such problem. But it does not work and in this circumstances it is better to use PST repair software. It is one of bets application which helps to get rid of all problem and where it happens due to any reasons. Even it is possible for nay users to use such tool because of their rich and easy GUI interface.

PST Repair Software Features

Easy To Use : PST repair software is developed with rich and robust algorithm. Even it has such easy interface that it make easy for any users to use such tool and fix problem.

Fast Scanning : Robust algorithm has made this tool to make complete scanning of system and rectify out error and fix all such problem.

Recover Data: Due to any reason if PST (Personal File Format) has got inaccessible then it is easy to make recovery. Saved incoming and receiving mails , contacts, calendar, tasks , journals, message get recovered.

Preview Option : When this tool make complete scanning of system , show all repaired and recovered items in thumbnail format . User according to their knowledge can select those data and make recovery

Supported Outlook version : PST repair software is compatible with every version of MS Outlook application like Outlook 2010, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 including Outlook 2013

How to Use Software

Step 1: Download and install PST repair software in your system. When this tool get install in your system then its interface will get in your system. After such it required to go to ‘select outlook data file’ option. When such thing then make selection for file which required to be recover. After completing such procedure start scanning process.

Step 2: PST file which have selected by users their path will get display in ‘ Select Outlook data file’. Even start will get enable. To begin the process of scanning procedure users need to click on start button.

Step 3: Where process of scanning procedure will get display on user system. It is even to stop scanning process by clicking on stop button

Step 4: When the scanning process will get completed then it will show recover PST file in list. It is easy for users to select for those item and see preview. It is even possible to make complete recovery of PST file data

Step 5: Form left pane it is suggested to click check mark and then recovery of file option will get. Even dialog box will appear which show the option to save items in specific hard drive location. After that suggested to choose destination path and click to OK to save items

Step 6: after such PST file get save in hard drive according to selected specified location. Even get message that file has got save in specified location

Step 7: Message will get display that easy to use items

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